Cost of services

Each project is individual, so the cost of the services below may vary depending on additional requirements. If you need a service not listed below (vector graphics, printing, layouts for cnc cutting, etc.), please contact me to clarify the cost.

You can also create a personal project through the Freelancehunt

SERVICES. Графический дизайнер Роман Грек


If you urgently need a minimalistic logo within 1 day.

  • 2 options 
  • 1 package of edits
SERVICES. Графический дизайнер Роман Грек


If you are not compressed in terms (5-7 days) and you need a thorough and comprehensive approach to the project

  • up to 8 variants 
  • up to 3 packages of edits
SERVICES. Графический дизайнер Роман Грек

Brand Identity

Logo, letterhead, business cards and other elements of the corporate identity, design of the guideline.

10-20 days

SERVICES. Графический дизайнер Роман Грек

Business Card

Business card design with your logo, contact details and print preparation

  •   up to 2 packages of edits  

The order of cooperation

  1. The customer makes an advance payment of 50%. 
  2. The customer provides the terms of reference, or a completed brief (download for filling).
  3. I will start working on a project. 
  4. After the design is approved, the customer pays the rest of the payment. 
  5. I will send an archive with files and layouts.